Lydia Daniller
Photographer // Filmmaker


Work currently in production


Ask Adele

ASK ADELE is a documentary portrait of my mom, Adele Daniller, a Holocaust survivor and cinephile who, in her 60s, launched a second career as a film and TV extra. The short film is a snapshot of her life and work, combining cinema verité, interview, and clips from her varied appearances.

Born in Poland in 1938, Adele fled to Vienna with her parents using false identities, and hid in plain site. Her family used to meet secretly in cinema houses during the war, to talk under the cover of darkness and plot their next moves. She grew up seeing tons of American films, and dreamt of going to Hollywood and getting involved somehow. Fast forward to her late 50's, when she’s living in LA and begins a 2nd career as an extra and background actor.


A selection of film stills from the project Ask Adele